The Evolution of Medicine

Penny George, Mark Hyman, James Gordon Speak on the Evolution of Medicine.  Click here to listen:

Functional Medicine Key to Wellness

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Good Thoughts

If you have good thoughts, they will SHINE OUT OF YOUR FACE like Sunbeams and you will always look lovely.  By Roald Dahl

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A close-up of frangipani flowers.“Think with your heart”


“Just Be”

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Color and Sound

I had an interesting experience with someone in the hospital recently with congestive heart failure.  The medical team did a superb job over the course of seven days to completely reverse the effects, including ridding approximately 26 pounds of fluid which had accumulated outside the blood stream, and into the body.  I am grateful to the physicians who knew exactly how to proceed cautiously with this person.  I assisted in several ways too. GorgeousFLowers Through color and sound. By my wearing certain colors certain days, and playing certain types of music for them, I assisted in an integrated way, for the body to heal on a different cellular level.  Continue reading

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Be-ing: a Catalyst for Change

Life is full of change.  Change is okay. Change helps us to move forward and live in new possibilities.  With change, we are able to grow in ways we didn’t think possible.  We have sayings in our culture which helps us with change.  You’ve heard, “Where one door closes, another opens.”  And, “Go with the flow.”  These sayings help us to give up our resistance and move with the new situation. Continue reading

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